POLAR Ops Guide: My First POLAR Flight is Tomorrow


POLAR Ops Guide: My First POLAR Flight is Tomorrow


This POLAR Guide covers the chilly details of Polar operations.  We’ll break down the issues, show off some maps and frequencies in the area, along with some of the preferred airports for that diversion. Not sure what communication equipment or MELs you’ll want?  It’s in here too. Get flying before the 10 year low in Northern Lights!

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Another of the famous FSB guides, this time covering Polar Ops.  As aircraft range increases, we see more and more of these flights--so we want to be sure you're ready.  All in one PDF,  it's called "My First Polar Flight is Tomorrow".



  • The Basics
  • Issues
  • Airspace & Maps
  • Diversion Locations
  • Radio Coverage and Communications
  • Weather (and SPACE WEATHER!)
  • MELs / Equipment
  • Permit Information
  • ATC Contacts
  • The Mysterious UNKNOWN FIR


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