NAT Ops Quick Reference Guide 2019


NAT Ops Quick Reference Guide 2019


The NAT used to be simple. Fill your flask, fire up the HF, align the INS and away you went.

Now, it’s a little more complicated. Basic Instruments are not enough. Use this Choose Your Own Adventure Quick Reference Guide from OPSGROUP to figure out where you are welcome on the NAT, depending on what equipment and training you have. Valid from September 2019.

5 pages, PDF format.

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Quick Reference Guide - airspace entry:
- If you have No RVSM - where can you go, and where must you avoid
- Same for No CPDLC, No ADS-C, No Transponder, No full LRNS, TCAS, ETOPS, RNP4, RNP10, HF, SELCAL, PBCS
- Alternative options for routings
- The NAT Circle of Entry showing what you need for Comms, Nav and Surveillance for each part of the NAT: The entire NAT region, just the HLA, the HLA on the NAT Tracks, and the NAT Tracks at 350-390, and PBCS airspace.
- Reference and further reading links from OPSGROUP

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